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Gain comprehensive insights into your
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See your patients' cancer from every angle with our whole genome approach

CancerVision provides timely actionable insights derived from comprehensive genomic data, enabling you to make informed decisions tailored to each patient's unique biology.
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Targeted Panel
Mask Group 13784
Genome-wide coverage: <0.1%
Point mutations identified (n=6)
No copy number variations
No structural variations
Whole Exome
Mask Group 13784
Genome-wide coverage: 1-2%
Point mutations identified (n=74)
Inaccurate copy number variations
No structural variations
Whole Genome
Mask Group 13785
Genome-wide coverage: >90%
Point mutations identified (n=6,003)
Copy number variations fully covered
Structural variations fully covered

Providing clarity in the face of complexity

Whole genome sequencing provides a more complete view (>90%) of your patient’s genetic makeup than other tests.
We sequence patient-matched tumor and normal samples to highly refined insights to inform treatment decisions. 
Minimizes false positives by identifying and ruling out benign variants in the tumor sample
Reduces overestimation of tumor mutational burden (TMB) calculations by excluding mutations found in both the tumor and normal samples.

The CancerVision Report

Our report prioritizes the most relevant and actionable insights, enabling timely
Group 38193@2x
Genetic variations and fusions linked to FDA-approved treatments* 
Group 38193@2x
Additional genomic findings including TMB, MSI, and copy number, associated with personalized treatment approaches.
Group 38193@2x
Clinical trial opportunities to assist with future steps 
Group 38193@2x
Easy access to deeper data to enhance your decision-making process without any unnecessary hurdles
*The Cancer Vision test is not an FDA-cleared or -approved IVD device or companion diagnostic for the referenced biomarkers and FDA-approved therapies.
Explore the Report
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How to order a test

Place your order

Please download and fill out our Test Requisition Form. This form can be faxed or emailed to the appropriate Genome Insight facility.

Inquiries: inquiry@

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CancerVision specimen kit
Cancer Vision requires two samples (solid tumor tissue and matched-normal blood), which often ship from different locations.
Genome Insight will work directly with the pathology team and the treating physician to obtain samples of both solid tumor tissue and matched-normal blood samples.
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Ship sample
Ship samples in the supplied CancerVision specimen kits.
Group 37710
Access test results
Most Cancer Vision reports are available within 14 days from the date we receive both the tumor sample and the matched normal blood sample in our laboratory. You can access the results through the online provider portal or receive the report by fax.
Test Name
Tumor Requirements
Paired Normal Requirements
TATLocation Offered
CancerVision1-10 FFPE from curls or
slides, with H&E stained
slide for reference
2-4mL peripheral blood, or
previously extracted DNA from
a CLIA certified laboratory
10-14 daysGlobal
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a Genome Insight test?

To order a test please download and complete the test requisition form and email it to:

What are the sample type requirements?

The test requires both a tumor sample and normal blood sample. For tumor (FFPE) samples, the sample requirements are 10 unstained slides from a single tumor, totaling over 50 microns, along with a H&E stained slide for reference. Alternatively, DNA extracted by a CLIA-certified laboratory is accepted, with a minimum concentration of 200ng/uL and a minimum of 1ug. Matched normal samples require a minimum of 3mL EDTA and must not be clotted or hemolyzed. Samples must be received within 7 days of collection, and it should be noted that the CancerVision Test generally takes 50-100 microns of tissue and the submitted tissue may be exhausted to perform the requested testing.

How do I obtain the results of a Genome Insight test?

Genome Insight test reports can be accessed as soon as results are ready via our digital reporting portal. You can also receive access to results via secure email or request to have results faxed to you.
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