We make whole genome
accessible and affordable

Many people talk about genome, genomic technologies, and precision medicine.

Many genetics companies promise a bright future in healthcare and drug development.

Genetic revolution along with technological advancements has soared at a breakneck speed in the last decade. Reputable scientific journals are pouring out publications on whole-genome sequences, showing how close within reach genomic science has come.

Nevertheless, are you benefitting from this genetic revolution?
Are you witnessing the power of whole-genomes in your research, medical practice, or drug development?
Do you have a genomics specialist to consult your projects?

Despite technological advancements, much still remains to be done in the field of genomics.
Most genome sequences usable in the real-world today are acquired by partial methods, such as ‘exome (1.5% of the genome)’ or ‘targeted gene screening (0.01%)’ which only explores a small fraction of the entire human genome. In such, much of the mutations in the non-coding regions are overlooked. On the contrary, whole-genome sequencing encompasses all genomic regions without any loss.

With our genomic experts, WGS is now made accessible and affordable. With the expertise of GENOME INSIGHT, you can overcome the complexity of bioinformatics and medical WGS interpretation, which has for so long hindered its wide-spread utilization.

  • We extract WGS insights for patients, clinicians, and industries.

    We construct population-scale medical whole-genome database to build the essential
    infrastructure for precision healthcare, a promise to therapy tailored to meet individual needs.

    We generate fundamental tools to efficiently navigate genomic space.

    We invest our resources in innovative projects with hospitals and industries.