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The start of our friendship dates back to when we were just two high school students with a love for science. Both of us went to pursue careers in medicine but our paths diverged as we followed our respective talents in becoming a scientist and a physician. Little did we know then that we would be cofounding a company in the next 10 years. In 2018, we felt confident it was time genomic science be incorporated into the field of clinical medicine.

It was a task too daunting to pursue alone and impossible to attempt statically from laboratories or hospitals. It was only plausible with the combined expertise of science and medicine. On such grounds we founded GENOME INSIGHT and we now strive to usher in genome-based precision medicine to healthcare.

Young Seok Ju (Rt)

MD, PhD, Co-founder & CEO

Dr. YS Ju is the co-founder and CEO at GENOME INSIGHT. He leads the bioinformatics team at GENOME INSIGHT and also runs JuLab, cancer genomics laboratory at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), bringing years of experience and insight in Whole-Genome Sequencing. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Wellcome Sanger Institute (Cambridge, UK) and currently also holds a faculty position as Associate Professor of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences and Engineering at KAIST. Dr. Ju has an MD and PhD from Seoul National University.

Jeong Seok Lee (Lt)

MD, PhD, Co-founder & CMO

Dr. JS Lee is the co-founder and CMO at GENOME INSIGHT. He is a board certified physician with subspecialty in Rheumatology. As a physician, Dr. Lee brings to the company his unique perspective by integrating genomics to various areas of medicine and business. He has a BS Chemistry) and PhD(immunology) from KAIST and an MD from Seoul National University.