Translating whole-genome big data
for personalized healthcare

GENOME INSIGHT was founded in 2020 to accelerate genomic revolution in healthcare

With our expertise, medical/IT professionals, and in-house infrastructure, we are accumulating and translating
patient genomic data to pave the way for a new era of truly personalized precision medicine.

Technology for big-data,
Knowledge for humanity

Our Assets

  • Technology

    Key genome technologies Big data Next-generation cell models for
    precision medicine & smart drug
  • Organoid

    Patient derived organoid models to accelerate in vitro drug development
  • Patient Cohort

    Whole-genome sequences from a large-scale patient cohort with paired clinical history
  • Timely processing

    Rapid & accurate processing and interpretation of whole genome sequences

Our areas of Focus

  • 1.

    precision oncology

  • 2.

    Total therapeutic solution
    for rare and orphan

  • 3.

    Tailored model
    for infectious and
    inflammatory diseases

  • 4.

    Innovative techniques
    for high-end genomics