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Genome Insight Inc.
Genome Insight Inc.
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A precision medicine whole genome platform company.

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Who we are

GENOME INSIGHT is an innovative commercial-stage precision medicine company committed to revolutionizing molecular testing by removing barriers to whole genome data making it accessible to patients, providers, and researchers.

Our proprietary platform is an automated WGS pipeline coupled with a bioinformatics-powered digital solution that reads and translates a patient’s whole genome sequence and provides medically meaningful insights.

Young Seok Ju and Jeong Seok Lee Co-Founder/CEO

Our team

Our company was founded in January 2020 by co-founders Young Seok Ju and Jeong Seok Lee who recognized the need for academic-level whole-genome data to be useable in real-world cancer patient treatment. They assembled a team of trailblazers in the field of precision medicine with the shared goal of making genomic data/insights accessible to all. We are a growing team of experts in data science, biology, and medicine.

We have built on the strong academic foundation of our leadership. Young Seok Ju has pioneered whole genome sequencing, being a core member of the Cancer Genome Project at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. He reported the first whole genome sequence analysis of a Korean individual (Nature, 2009). Genome Insight continues this legacy by sharing significant data regularly.

Began analysis of Illumina Platform

First successful WGS analysis of a Korean individual

WGS-based investigation of gene copy number variation

WGS-WTS simultaneous analysis

Identification of non-smoker LC gene KIF5B-RET target

Pan-cancer WGS mitochondria analysis

WGS-based identification of mtDNA nuclear transfer

Revealed early somatic mosaicism using WGS

To capitalize on an as-yet nascent market for cat photos.

Rare cancer WGS mutation

Identification of LC WGS clonal evolution

Non-smoker LC WGS

Rare immune disorder WGS mosaicism variant analysis; joint research with NIH

3,000 cancer WGS mitochondria analysis

K-CDC COVID-19 multiomics project (Total $6M/8mo) WGS service contract

COVID-19 Single cell transcriptome analysis

COVID-19 infection model establishment & variant analysis

WGS-based investigation of human single cell mosaicism

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